a review and design service for creatives that will give your site a more polished look +  get you the right clients




Created for creatives by a creative. Get an expert's eyes your site to find + fix your website’s 5 biggest design + strategy flaws. Walking away with a more polished site and a list of actionable steps.

This is for you if:

  • You are a creative entrepreneur, but you're not a web designer and you could use some help in polishing up your site
  • You have a Squarespace or Divi Themed website less than 2 years old 
  • You know you have good taste you just can't seem to pull all the pieces together
  • You put a ton of love and hustle into what you put out into the world and want you website to show that
  • You're in your first year or two and still figuring all the 'things' out, you're ready to put some money into your business and website but not ready for a full $5-10,000 overhaul
  • You find yourself wondering; what will make my site more pro? Where does your newsletter sign up go? How do I get everything to look the same?  

What you get:

  • Your time back. No more spending your valuable time Googling away your website problems anymore
  • A freshened website with a better experience to give to your dream clients
  • A more cohesive and polished look that will showcase the professional you are
  • A website that you can feel confident about sending people to



the pre-work

Once your application is approved and your payment is made you will receive a questionnaire that will take us from new biz friends to focused partners. This will get all the info I need to know about your site so that I know exactly where I need to focus on.

the review 

I’ll use my love and expertise for customer experience and web design to hone in on your current website and note the areas that need some TLC. I’ll record the process so you can get a firsthand look at what & where needs improvement. 

the refresh

On to the good stuff! I will design and implement the top 5 elements that will most improve your site. (This could include but not limited to; font and color updates, image replacement, header improvement, call to action updates, layout adjustments). I’ll also hand off your customized plan, checklist, and video so you can turn the additional suggested changes into adjustments for your site. 


From fumbling, stressin' and overthinking to being impactful on the web like the creative boss you are.

When we work together you get the expertise and strategy of a professional designer and the guidance to make the extra changes you need, to a create a more professional polished and website that connects with your dream clients.

What's delivered.

  • A recorded review of your website highlighting the area's that need some love most  based on your business goals.
  • 5 design and strategy changes made your Squarespace or Wordpress Divi site.
  • A customized PDF that takes you through the additional areas that you can improve on your site immediately
  • A better site that brings more (impressed+ trusting) clients and that makes one happy business owner


  • This service is only for Squarespace OR Divi Themed Wordpress sites.
  • The purpose behind this service is so that someone who is in the in between stages of their business can make the best of what they have with professional advice and guidance. 
  • I will be only be doing the design and development work for the top 5 improvements that need to be made. You will need to be familiar with your site to make the additional changes.  
  •  To ensure that edits and advice can be done your WordPress or Squarespace theme must be less than 2 years old